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Our Seasonally Changing Menu

We are proud of the food we make, uncomplicated dishes that reflect our passion for great tastes and flavours from all over the world. Our menu is kept deliberately small to allow the attention to detail that is the keystone of our cooking.
*We aim to keep our food local and at a fair price, however with the constantly changing availability of ingredients, we reserve the right to make changes to dishes and prices where necessary.

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Current  menu


To start

Todays soup served with bread 5.00
Milk, wheat

Oak smoked corned beef brisket, caraway pickled sauerkraut, rye toast,
garlic oil 6.00
Rye, mustard, sulphite

To Share
Sticky chicken wings*, Spiced houmous*, Fresh Bread, Crisp kimchi,
Olive oil and balsamic 10.00
Sesame, sulphite, mustard, celery, soya



Chargrilled sirloin steak, autumn vegetables, blue cheese sauce or garlic butter Chips or New potatoes ❖ 21.00

Grilled fillet of bream, roasted shell on tiger prawn, red pepper and miso, coconut potato, sesame * ❖ 18.00
Fish, sesame, crustacean, soya, coconut

Fish & Chips £14.00

Braised butter beans, slow roasted tomato and garlic, autumn vegetables,
croutons, red wine jus, served with
~Smoked Duck leg confit 18.00 ❖
~ Char grilled chicken breast 17.00 ❖
~Maple roasted butternut squash 15.00 V ❖
Sulphates, soya, celery



Fresh vegetables 3.00

Fresh Bread 3.00

Chips 3.00



Chocolate pudding, hazelnut, toffee sauce, spiced apple *V❖ 5.00

Tonka bean ice cream, malted brown bread crumb, plum honey 5.00
Milk, wheat, rye

Cheese selection, biscuits, quince, nuts * 8.00
Milk, nuts, wheat, rye, sulphites


A little something on the side

Chateau de St. Helen Sauternes France 2008 14% 6.90 125ml

38.00 per bottle

Port Martinez 10 year old 4.50 50ml

Plum infused sake Akasi tai shiraume umeshu 4.90 50ml

36.00 per bottle

Vanilla affogato 5.00

Smoked vanilla affogato 5.50

Liqueur coffee 5.80

Baileys 3.10

Disaronno 3.10

*contains nuts or nut oils Gluten free V Vegan (or*) can be adapted to be gluten friendly or nut free.

If you do have any special dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances please advise a member of staff  before you order and we will do our best to adapt our dishes for you.

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