Our Seasonally Changing Menu

We are proud of the food we make, uncomplicated dishes that reflect our passion for great tastes and flavours from all over the world. Our menu is kept deliberately small to allow the attention to detail that is the keystone of our cooking.
*We aim to keep our food local and at a fair price, however with the constantly changing availability of ingredients, we reserve the right to make changes to dishes and prices where necessary.

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We also have a board of daily specials

Current  evening menu



Seared lamb cutlet, black garlic, celeriac and cumin remoulade, samphire, capers 8.50

Fried halloumi, roasted aubergine, preserved tomato, red onion, harissa, sesame❖* 8.00

Steamed local mussels, garlic butter, white wine, leeks, parsley 8.00

Salad of crisp pork belly, shitake mushrooms, roasted cashew, kimchi, tofu, sesame* 8.50

Devon crab, smoked sweetcorn, red pepper, pickled vegetable salad, rye crisp 9.00

Char grilled celeriac, mushrooms, rocket and walnut salad, parmesan, balsamic*V 8.00

(Add air dried ham£1.00)

Today’s soup with our homemade bread 6.50



Char grilled rib eye steak, garlic trencher, crisp onion, pickled cabbage, red wine sauce 23.00

Seared chicken breast, potato croque monsieur, mushrooms, tarragon sauce 19.50

Grilled fillet of bream, smoked dashi, jasmine rice, sesame, togarashi, pickled squid* 19.50

Roasted duck breast, beetroot, penny roast potatoes, sumac, smoked pecan crumb21.00

Maple roasted butternut, tenderstem, mejadra, harissa, pumpkin seed dressingV(❖) 18.00



Garlic bread 3.50

Fresh vegetables 3.50

Green salad 3.50

Fresh bread 3.00

Rocket, parmesan and walnut salad* 4.00

Crispy new potatoes 3.00

Chips 3.00




Chocolate and amaretto tarte, spiced orange cream, smoked prune V* 6.50

Spiced apple crumble slice, blackberry, maple ice cream 6.50

Selection of home made ice creams, sorbet, biscuit 6.50

Bread and butter pudding, white chocolate and cardamom custard 6.50

Cheese selection, quince, walnuts, pickled plum, biscuits* 7.95


A little something on the side

Chateau de St. Helen Sauternes France 2008 14% 6.90 125ml

38.00 per bottle

Port Martinez 10 year old 4.50 50ml

Plum infused sake Akasi tai shiraume umeshu 4.90 50ml

36.00 per bottle

Vanilla affogato 5.00

Smoked vanilla affogato 5.50

Liqueur coffee 5.80

Baileys 3.10

Disaronno 3.10

*contains nuts or nut oils Gluten free V Vegan (or*) can be adapted to be gluten or nut free.

If you do have any special dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances please advise a member of staff  before you order and we will do our best to adapt our dishes for you.

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